Temple Baptist Church Contura Acoustical Ceiling

Acoustical Profiles

A large selection of trim heights from 1.5" to 16" is available to create innovative designs ranging from streamlined and graceful to bold and powerful. These extruded aluminum profiles offer the necessary curving flexibility, yet provide the durability required for handling and installation.

Positive locking splices with a setscrew attachment insure a tight joint between Contura sections. A special Twist-In clip simply rotates into the clip boss wherever grid attachment is required and is field attached to any manufacturer's grid system. Contura is factory cut to your exact specifications, and corners are mitered and shipped with corner clips for field assembly. Welded corners are also available at an additional cost.


All Contura may be curved in both directions (inside or outside). With our current in-house capability, radii are limited to 24" minimum for 1-1/2" thru 8" Contura and 48" minimum for 10" and 12" Contura. Please consult the factory for arching capability or other radii requirements. We will strive to meet your needs.

Contura Acoustical Profiles

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