Gordon, Inc. was founded in Shreveport, Louisiana, 1964. Since then, the company has grown to 175+ employee-owners, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizing over 255,000 square feet, and supported by over 70 independent agents worldwide. Gordon specializes in sustainable architectural metal products for interior and exterior applications. Product applications include specialty metal ceilings and wall systems, drywall and plaster trims, column covers, and many other architectural specialty products. Systems are designed for commercial, acoustical, educational, cleanroom, data center, healthcare, correctional, industrial, and institutional environments. Gordon, Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer and is widely known throughout the industry as the leader in custom architectural specialties.

Gordon’s exceptional growth and success have been guided by strategic growth plans, which combine expansion of existing markets, development of new and unique products, as well as new business and product acquisitions.

In 1999, Clestra Cleanroom Components was acquired, leading to corporate reorganization which created Gordon’s Cleanroom Products Division. In 2001, Gordon acquired ALPRO® Acoustical Systems. In 2007, Gordon purchased the metal security ceilings systems marketed under the names Lockdown® and Cel•Line®, from Environmental Interiors, Inc., and with that, the Gordon Corrections Division emerged. In 2010, Gordon Exterior Division was created to include metal, exterior building materials for walls, soffits, columns, and ceilings. In 2011, Gordon Data Center Products Division was created to provide architectural solutions for the data center environment, including ceiling and wall systems for containment and process support, acoustical ceiling panels and wall treatments, and energy efficient lighting. Gordon’s most recent acquisition was in 2022, when Gordon purchased Creative Materials for Acoustics, allowing us to better serve the acoustical needs of our customers.

Gordon is widely known in the industry for its custom CNC fabrication capabilities and outstanding finishes. Punching, cutting, forming, welding, curving and custom in-house eco-friendly painted finishes are just some of the ways Gordon adds value to its extensive line of unique products. Gordon offers cutting-edge capabilities, high quality precision assembly work and metal forming. As a large and capable custom manufacturer of architectural specialty products, Gordon continues to expand its capabilities to offer the broadest range and the highest quality products to the industries served.

The company is guided by an adopted set of Values, Beliefs, and Principles which provide the foundation for individual and team behaviors, and development of overall business strategies which ultimately shape the culture of the company. Environmental responsibility and ethical personal and business behaviors are a paramount expectation of all members of the organization, with standards set for integrity and fairness which prevails in all transactions and relationships.

In January of 2010, Gordon announced an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) which is designed to transition ownership to its employees. As an ESOP company, our mission and culture will continue in the finest traditions of our day-by-day passion for continual improvement. Every employee-owner is both responsible and accountable to work with maximum intensity to embrace the needs of our customers and our vendor partners, and seize every opportunity to provide for them both solutions and a totally delightful business experience.

On the strength of its absolute commitment to a customer-first focus, superior quality and workmanship, second-to-none service, state-of-the-art manufacturing capability, and exceptional financial stability, Gordon, Inc. has positioned itself as the recognized industry leader in the Interior Specialties, ALPRO® Acoustical Systems, Cleanroom Products, Corrections, Exterior, and Data Center markets.

Core Values, Beliefs & Principles

Ownership, Management and Team Members of Gordon, Inc. are guided by Principles that serve as expectations for Individual and Group behavior, as well as for the execution of overall Business Strategies.

    The highest standards of integrity, ethics, and fairness must prevail in all transactions and relationships.
    Maximum Productivity and Job Satisfaction for all members of the organization can be realized by providing opportunities to participate in decision-making, by offering opportunities to assume responsibility commensurate with ability, by providing visible recognition for group and individual achievement, and by creating an atmosphere of openness, trust, and respect for high performance.
    The most important business leadership priority is sustaining a system of values and a culture that reflects a company-wide commitment to:


    • Developing unique and cost-effective approaches to solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities
    • Defining and implementing winning strategies; those that provide win/win outcomes without invoking loss on others
    • Continuing to improve individual and team performance
    • Being willing to take calculated risks and learning from our mistakes
    Sustaining superior financial performance requires that the primary thrust of the entire organization be directed toward providing superior value to our customers at the most competitive cost. We must strive to earn and re-earn the respect and trust of our customers. Processes and the resulting products must perform near to state-of-the-art and must exceed the performance of competitors.
    A strong and pervasive profit orientation should be maintained and reinforced.
    The Employee Stock Ownership Plan provides each employee with the opportunity to share in the financial success of the company.
    An intense and unwavering commitment to utilize materials that are safe and pose no threat to the environment. Individual responsibility to recycle and reduce the root cause of waste is expected of all members of the organization.
    The Company can most effectively contribute to the well being of the community by creating and maintaining safe, productive, and rewarding jobs. Business performance and jobs will be the first priority in the commitment to the Community of our time, energy, and resources.

Vision Statement

Gordon has proudly become recognized as the premier manufacturer, provider of solutions and global supplier of construction specialty products.

Achieving our mission requires:

  1. Strategic alliances with our major customers and suppliers based upon our joint consensus, and our absolute commitment to customer service and satisfaction that sets industry standards.
  2. Cutting-edge technology and service to improve the total value delivered to our customers.
  3. Leadership in development of manufacturing capabilities that mirror the needs of our customers in all respects.
  4. An organization and company culture that attracts superior people; emphasizes accountability; and rewards results, commitment, customer responsiveness, teamwork and the taking of calculated risks.
  5. A relentless commitment to out-performing the competition in terms of quality, service and cost.

Accomplishing this vision has redefined the construction specialty industry and provided enriched levels of reward for our customers and our organization.

Our 6-Strategic Imperatives for Continual Improvement

  1. Continually Improve The Culture of Gordon, Inc.; Championed and Led by Principle-Centered Leadership
  2. Improve Organizational Effectiveness and Capability
  3. Provide a Step-Function Improvement in Service
  4. Provide Superior Product Quality Resulting in a Long-term Cost Advantage and a Highly Competitive Position
  5. Exploit the Total Organizational Technical Capabilities in a way that Continually Differentiates Ourselves Competitively
  6. Execute a Growth Strategy that Focuses on Continually Adding Strength to the Company’s Overall Competitive Position through Maximization of the Utilization of Existing Capacity

Company Statistics

Manufacturing Facility Size: 255,000 square feet
Number of Employee-Owners: 175+
Year Founded: 1964
Business Type: Metal and Fabrication