ALPRO® AVIAR fully engineered custom ceiling system

ALPRO® AVIAR is a fully engineered ceiling system that combines soaring decorative expression and optimal acoustical performance. Versatile in concept, AVIAR may be flat, curved, vaulted, sloped, or undulating in a free form, according to the designer's vision.

ALPRO® AVIAR integrates an extruded aluminum suspension system with corrugated metal panels, acoustical backers, and perimeter trims. 100% in-house fabrication assures perfectly installed fit and finish, and flawless color match of all components. Even sprinklers, air distribution and lighting may be incorporated for a complete, fully integrated system.

Let ALPRO® Acoustical Systems’ design professionals help you realize your vision for a uniquely expressive and functional design.

Features & Benefits

Panel Options

  • Aluminum Panels – Perforated or non-perforated
  • Aluminum panels may be installed in any interior or exterior environment
  • Steel Panels – These panels are recommended for interior applications in potentially high abuse areas (i.e. gymnasiums)

Panel Installation Options

  • Face-attached panels
  • Lay-in panels

Material Options

  • Aluminum – 0.032″ thickness in stucco-embossed or smooth surface
  • Steel Panels
    • 22, 24 and 26 gauge thickness
    • Smooth surface, G-90 galvanized


  • Perimeter options
    • Gordon’s Contura Perimeter Trim
    • Wall angles
  • Acoustical Pads

Corrugation Patterns

Pattern A
Pattern B
Pattern C
Pattern D
Pattern E
Pattern F
Pattern H
Pattern J

Finish Options

AAMA 2604 Powder Coating Finishes Download PDF

AAMA 2605 Powder Coating Finishes Download PDF

Therapeutic Powder Coat Finishes Download PDF

Antimicrobial Finishes

Perforation Pattern

System Integration

  • Airslots
  • Lighting
  • Sprinklers
  • Penetrations for electrical devices

Green By Design

  • Products contribute to LEED® certification
  • In-House Finishes
    • Biodegradable pre-treatment and powder coating (no phosphates)
    • No hazardous waste
    • No VOC’s
    • No Heavy Metals
    • Reference our sustainability page for more information.

AVIAR Signature Projects For Ideas & Inspiration

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