Gordon Data Center Security Walls provide the perfect solution when secure environments are required within the data center. Used in conjunction with Gordon Data Center Ceiling Grids, Security Walls can be installed anywhere within the data center to effectively configure the space to optimize for the total square footage required and ultimately maximize profitability of the data center. Panel options are available in structural polycarbonate, metal face over honeycomb-core or composite, and perforated metal.

Design Features

  • Demountable partition attaches to floor and Gordon Data Center Ceiling Grids
  • Walls are non-progressive, and Engineered for rapid installation, disassembly, and reassembly without damage to structural components or panels
  • Post and panel design utilizes solid or perforated wall panels
  • Robust extruded aluminum posts fasten to floor mounts and ceiling grid for maximum stability
  • Partition can be single wall or double wall configuration for adjoining tenant suites
  • Partition assembly is modular, in standard 4’ width to match grid array
  • Panels are secured from within the tenant space, assembling and dis-assembling from the inside only
  • Snap-on battens have the option to be screw attached for maximum security
  • Class A rated components for flame spread/smoke generation
  • Option for sliding doors or swing doors; single or double wide
  • Allowing for simple space reconfiguration, or equipment move-in

Product Data

Gordon Security Wall – Consolidated Set

O & M Manual

Data Center Book

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