Concealed Suspension with 100% Downward Accessible Panels

Come Rain, Shine, or even Hurricanes, Gordon’s WinLok™ Soffit Systems are here to stay! Approved through Miami Dade County’s stringent NOA certification requirements, our WinLok™ Soffit System meets all testing requirements and performs effectively in extreme weather conditions, without compromising the aesthetics of Design or the functionality of 100% accessibility for effortless maintenance and servicing. One of the prominent design features includes large panel sizes (up to 30” wide x 96” long) with no requirement for exposed fasteners. Offered in factory-applied, super-durable, AAMA 2604 & 2605 exterior powder coated finishes, Gordon’s WinLok™ Soffit System is an ideal choice for areas where buildings are susceptible to extreme weather conditions, such as hurricane and tornadic winds.
Miami-Dade County
Florida, Notice of acceptance
N.O.A. No 20.0713.01
Expiration date: December 30, 2025
Patent No. US 10,113,317 B1

Features & Benefits

Panel Options

  • Panel Width: up-to 57”
  • Panels Length: up-to 144”
  • Surface: Perforated or Non-Perforated
  • Configurations: Flat
  • Standard shapes: Square, Rectangle

Panel Material Options

  • Aluminum: 0.040″ – 0.188″
  • Stainless Steel: 20 ga. – 16 ga.


  • Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Suspension
  • Configurations – Faceted, Sloped, and Flat
  • Attachment clips with horizontal torsion spring (100 lbs per clip holding force with .050 aluminum panels)
  • Custom security access tools
  • Reveals Available
  • Typically wall to wall applications with Perimeter angles / channels
  • Engineered to meet your design requirements


  • Flexible hose sprinklers
  • Custom speaker panels
  • Columns Collars / Rings
  • Various Perimeter options
    • Gordon’s Contura Perimeter Trim
    • Wall angles
    • Pockets
  • Acoustic Pads / Sound Fleece
  • Backer Panels

System Integration

  • Airslots / Security Airslots
  • Lighting / Security Lighting
  • Sprinklers
  • Penetrations for electrical devices

Green By Design

  • Products contribute to LEED® certification
  • In-House Finishes

Finish Options

AAMA 2604 Powder Coat Finishes

AAMA 2605 Powder Coat Finishes

Therapeutic Powder Coat Finishes

Wood Look Finishes

Motif Finishes

Antimicrobial Finishes

Perforation Options

Standard Shape Offerings
Standard Pattern Offerings
Custom shapes and patterns available to suit your design requirements. Please call or email us to coordinate shape and pattern possibilities!

Ideas & Inspirations For Custom Perforations


Soffit Bracket Detail

Soffit Torsion Plate Detail

Soffit Ceiling Tool Detail

Cleaning & Maintenance

WinLok Brochure

WinLok Specifications