Ceiling Baffles

ALPRO Acoustical Systems provides acoustical ceiling baffles to meet your noise control requirements. If sound is directed angularly toward the ceiling, Gordon Fin Mate metal baffles create a redirection of acoustical sound wave toward the plenum.

Ceiling Baffle Types

ALPRO Ceiling Baffles are fully factory assembled, modular units of formed perforated metal skin, reinforced by structural components, containing encapsulated acoustical energy absorbing material.

ALPRO Acoust-X noise reducing metal ceiling panels provide effective acoustical relief and decorative appeal for busy spaces. Square, multi-faceted panels reflect light, creating a 3-D illusion, while absorbing reverberant noise.

Fin Mate is an extruded aluminum vertical blade metal ceiling system that creates a linear plenum mask, while leaving an open plenum for HVAC and fire protection.