Gordon DG X-SPAN enhanced performance ceiling system is our strongest data center ceiling grid yet. Incorporating a more robust profile, the DG X-SPAN has the structural integrity required to allow suspension spacing up to 6 feet, while also providing greater load-carrying capacity. Spanning 6-feet allows owners to attach directly to steel joists or precast concrete tees set at 6- foot centers. Not only does this eliminate the need for steel strut at the roof level but also reduces the number of threaded rod drops for the ceiling mounts, opening more plenum space for critical MEP support infrastructure.

Built For Flexibility

Gordon has always provided a structural ceiling grid that allows customers to mount overhead utilities like busways, cable trays and containment anywhere on grid, without additional structures for hanging. Delivering deployment flexibility and extraordinary mid-span point load capacity with minimal deflection, customers can be confident mounting at any ceiling location. And the DG X-Span boasts strength that is unsurpassed in the marketplace – no asterisks, no fine print, no disclaimers.

Designing For Hyperscale

DG X-Span is designed to exceed the application requirements of Hyperscale and Cloud data center operators as they build for their futures. As rack connectivity and power loads increase, higher load capacities are needed for overhead deployment inside the data hall. At the same time, trending away from access floor use increases demand for more open plenum space above the ceiling. DG X-Span achieves these goals.

Addition By Subtraction

A common roof deck design that informed the development of the Gordon DG X-Span, utilizes stem anchors placed on 6-foot centers in precast concrete roofs. The strength of the DG X-Span allows for suspension directly from the roof deck imbeds, eliminating the need for strut hangers at the building structure, yielding greater flexibility, faster construction, and lower costs.


  • Threaded screw-slot everywhere
  • Highest mid-span load capacity
  • Reduce rod mounts by 25% (or more)
  • Eliminates need for steel strut
  • Gordon Pre and Post Sale Support


  • Highest flexibility for overhead installations
  • No design constraints due to load limitations
  • Reduce labor cost for installation
  • Reduce materials costs
  • On-time, on-budget projects
  • Gordon dependability

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