Data Center Structural Grid

Gordon’s diverse selection of data center structural ceiling grids provide the required support to meet your project suspension and attachment needs for Imperial and Metric product applications.

Features & Benefits

  • The ceiling design serves the dual purpose of both a drop ceiling system and structural ceiling grid for overhead utility distribution
  • The grid system provides an attachment or suspension platform for containment barriers, partitions, or surface mounted equipment
  • Greater installation and routing flexibility of distribution systems and partitions
  • Totally accessible overhead data center ceiling grid allows for simple expansion, upgrade or distribution system changes
  • Reduces the amount of interstitial support steel by up to 50%
  • Eliminates the need to have both strut grids for overhead distribution suspension and acoustical ceiling tile drop ceilings
  • No drop ceiling penetrations means no harmful debris that can damage electronic equipment
  • Ceiling grid components are non-progressive and removable, without compromising the structural integrity of the installed ceiling grid

Design Attributes

  • Load bearing ceiling design engineered to support direct suspension of overhead cable distribution and containment barriers
  • All ceiling extrusions have a continuous 3/8-16 (M-10 for metric) thread boss for attachment and/or suspension at any location
  • Die cast intersection connectors join the extruded aluminum grid members and provide an attachment point for 4’ x 4’ (1200mm x 1200mm) suspension from building structure
  • Perimeter ceiling trim can be fixed or floating for seismic compliance
  • Standard clear anodized finish, with options of black or white
  • Meets BS EN13964:2014
  • Meets ASTM E580

Grid Profiles