Jackson-Evers International Airport Perimeter Pocket Curtain Pockets

Perimeter Pockets

Gordon's extruded aluminum and brake form (aluminum or steel) perimeter pockets are used for ceiling transitions to perimeter wall and window systems. They can also be used for the concealing blinds, curtains, draperies, and screens; air return or air supply, and perimeter lighting.

Design Features

  • Available in extruded aluminum and brake form aluminum or steel
  • Integrates with suspended drywall or acoustical ceiling systems.
  • Provides structural support for shade pockets and include removable closures for access.
  • Can integrate lighting and provide an economical solution to traditional, high-cost light fixtures.
  • Available vented for HVAC.
  • All necessary hangers, splices, end enclosures, and corners are designed for exact alignment and simple installation.
  • Custom paint along with standard finishes that match all major grid manufacturers.
  • Costs less than pockets constructed of drywall - Avoids the high labor cost of furring, taping, filling, & painting.
  • All pockets can be pre-cut to size, pre-finished, and completely fabricated ready to install.