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Our Products


Gordon specializes in sustainable architectural ceilings for interior and exterior applications. Gordon offers many ceilings that are designed for commercial, acoustical, educational, cleanroom, data center, healthcare, correctional, industrial, and institutional environments.


Gordon Wall Systems are engineered for easy installation, high durability, and fabricated to your specific design requirements. Wall Systems can be provided for extreme exterior conditions where destructive winds are possible, interior systems, perforated acoustical wall systems, and corrugated acoustical walls.

Column Covers

Gordon is recognized as a premier manufacturer of column covers for the interior and exterior construction specialty market. Gordon column covers are competitively priced, easy to install, and fabricated with the highest quality materials, making Gordon the best choice to meet your column cover needs.


Gordon is the industry leader in trims. Several trim options are available for walls and ceilings, column rings, drywall and plaster trims, perimeter pocket trims, partition closures, and wall angles.


Acoustical Baffles can be provided for many environments where noise reduction is required. Gordon also provides baffle systems that create a linear plenum mask, while leaving an open plenum for HVAC and fire protection.

Industrial Noise Control

ALPRO ACOUSTICAL SYSTEMS sets the standard for effective industrial noise reduction solutions that are economical and suitable for any industrial environment.

Specialty Products

Gordon specialty products include Air Slots, Control Joints, Light Shelves, and Partition Closures.


Gordon can provide wide array of perforations to achieve your specific design objectives. The options are virtually limitless for hole type, size hole, percentage of open area, and configuration of the perforation pattern.


Gordon provides illumination systems that are incorporated into our ceiling systems and cove lighting systems.