Brake-formed vertical blade soffit system

Gordon EXTERIOR LINEAR BEAM BAFFLES, made of brake-formed Aluminum, create a plenum mask that transforms the space while leaving an open plenum for HVAC, lighting, and fire protection. Baffles are easy to install and attach to any 15/16” grid system with twist-in clips. Baffle profiles can be perforated for sound absorption or non-perforated for acoustically reflective vertical surfaces. No other manufacturer of baffles provides the range of widths and depths like Gordon. Gordon EXTERIOR LINEAR BEAM BAFFLES are offered in a variety of colors and finishes for design flexibility.

Features & Benefits

Panel Material Options

  • Aluminum
    • Standard 0.040” thickness
    • Custom thickness available

Panel Options

  • Width : 1” up-to 4” (manufactured in ½” increments)
  • Height:
    • 4” to 20” high for 1-1/2” – 4” wide beams
    • 4” to 6” high for 1” wide beams
  • Length:
    • Standard 8’-0” lengths
    • Custom lengths available
  • Surface: Perforated or Non-Perforated
  • Configurations: Linear

Perforation Pattern

Finish Options

AAMA 2605 Powder Coating Finishes Download PDF

Wood Look Finishes

Green By Design

  • Products contribute to LEED® certification
  • In-House Finishes
    • Biodegradable pre-treatment and powder coating (no phosphates)
    • No hazardous waste
    • No VOC’s
    • No Heavy Metals
    • Reference our sustainability page for more information.

Product Data

Linear Beam Baffle – Formed

Linear Beam Baffle – Formed Specifications

Brakeformed Beam Baffle Brochure

Cleaning & Maintenance

Exterior Linear Beam Baffles