PROCLAIMTM - Expressive Laminate Imagery

PROCLAIM Expressive Laminate Imagery

PROCLAIM is a laminate film that is factory applied to a metal substrate to provide imagery for walls, ceilings, and column covers. Laminate films can be non-perforated or perforated when acoustical performance is required.

When perforated for acoustical performance, acoustical pads or sound fleece is available.

  • Applications:
    • Signage/Wayfinding
    • Decorative Expression
    • Acoustical Performance
  • Products include:
    • ALPRO® flat baffles for walls or ceilings
    • ALPRO® AcoustiLine walls
    • Aluma Vault Torsion Spring ceilings
    • Wall Systems
    • Beam Baffles
    • Column Covers
    • Hook-On Ceilings
  • High Resolution imagery in TIFF CMYK format is required
Other Finish Options: