Gordon Interior Finishes

Powder coat finishes are comprised of acrylic and polyester, and the electrostatic application offers many advantages over solvent based liquid coatings. Dry powder coating emits virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere during application.

  • For interior use. Not recommended where UV light is a concern.
  • Perfect for systems that are accessed or in direct contact with people.

ACROGUARD is a revolutionary, polyester based, high performance powder coat finish. The durability of ACROGUARD makes it ideal for airports, schools, hospitals, malls, or other high abuse areas. ACROGUARD is primarily applied to products like column covers or wall panels.

  • This offers the same UV resistance as 50% Kynar®1
  • Great Impact and Scratch Resistance
  • Perfect for high traffic areas that may get abuse. OK for exteriors if under canopies that are not in direct sunlight

ACROGUARD-UVX is a durable, hard-surface, super polyester powder coat finish that provides UV, high impact, and chemical resistance. Its inherit mechanical properties meet or exceed 70% PVDF (Kynar®1) finishes, yet are available without the high cost of application and the negative environmental impact of VOCs. With ACROGUARD-UVX, an extended warranty up to 10 years is available. ACROGUARD-UVX contributes LEED®2 credits for innovation in design.

ACROGUARD-UVX Exterior Powder Coat provides the following advantages when compared to 70% PVDF:

  • Broad gloss range
  • Superior pencil hardness
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Higher impact resistance
  • No VOCs emitted in pre-treatment process
  • Factory finished, Shorter lead-times, No extra transportation required, EPA Compliant
  • Endures acid exposure, even against Sulfuric Acid

ACROSTATTM is an additive that can be included in any standard powder coat, ACROGUARD, and ACROGUARD-UVX powder coat finishes. By adding ACROSTAT to these powder coat finishes, an antimicrobial powder coat finish is created. These finishes are utilized when inhibited microbial growth is desired.

Wood-Look Films are architectural laminated or painted finishes that are applied to aluminum panels and trims, creating the appearance of real wood without the economic burden or design constraints of natural materials. Just imagine... you can accomplish your design objectives while conserving our environment.

Unique weathered look metal finish options are available and provide the appearance of weathered or rusted steel and patina coppers when rustic design is the requirement. Some finishes are powder coated ACROGUARD® Enhanced Durability Powder Coat and ACROGUARD®-UVX Durable Exterior Powder Coat.

PROCLAIM is a laminate film that is factory applied to a metal substrate to provide imagery for walls, ceilings, and column covers. Laminate films can be non-perforated or perforated when acoustical performance is required.

Environmental Policy

Our in-house finishing facility uses only water-soluble / biodegradable materials yielding no VOC’s. All waste from this process is rated safe for discharge to our city storm sewer system which is ultimately delivered to our city waste water treatment plant with no adverse impact to the environment. No hazardous materials are used in this or any other process within our facility.

Our Environmental Policy is embodied in our Core Values, Beliefs, and Principles. It is the responsibility of every Gordon employee to continually identify new and expanded opportunities to not only recycle, but to reduce the root causes of waste.

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1 Kynar® is a registered trademark of ARKEMA, Inc.

2 LEED® is a registered trademark of the U. S. Green Building Council.