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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD):

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA):


EA Credit 1 -
 Optimize Energy Performance
Gordon can provide solar control products such as Light Shelf, Perimeter Pockets, Screenwalls, Data Center Containment Walls, and Exterior Louvers to improve energy performance and reduce economic impact associated with excessive energy use.
MR Credit 4 -
 Recycled Content

Aluminum Extrusions, Aluminum and Steel coil products,
Brake formed components,
Column Enclosures, ALPRO® panels
and baffles, Aluma Vault panels
and scribed trim, BOLD BEAM,
Wall Systems, Light Shelf brackets,
Values are subject to change. Contact Gordon for exact recycled content by product.
  • Aluminum Extrusions - 45.3% recycled
    • 36.9% pre-consumer content
    •   8.4% post consumer content
  • Aluminum Coil - 21% recycled
    • 20% pre-consumer content
    •   1% post consumer content
  • Steel Coil - 73.9% recycled
    • 12.6% pre-consumer content
    • 61.3% post consumer content
  • Vinyl Extrusions -   5% recycled
    •   5% pre consumer content
  • Fiberglass Insulation - 65% recycled
    • 24% pre-consumer content
    • 41% post consumer content
  • (PVC and Polyethelene bags that encapsulate the insulation are not recycled)
MR Credit 5 -
 Regional Materials
Recovered raw materials are received from regional suppliers. All excess drop materials that naturally occur in the manufacturing process are recycled locally. LEED credits are available if the project is within a 500 mile radius. Gordon is centrally located to most U.S. Markets.
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IEQ Credit 3.1 and 3.2 -
 Construction IAQ Management Plan -
 During Construction and Before
Products shipped from our plant are engineered to fit and reduce field cutting during installation.
  • Fewer indoor air quality problems
  • Less scrap and debris - cleaner work environment
  • Less noise pollution caused by field cutting of materials
  • Maintain comfort and well-being of workers and occupants
IEQ Credit 4.2 -
 Low-Emitting Materials: Paints and
Factory finished products shipped from our plant eliminates field painting.
  • Prevents odorous and irritating air contaminants
  • Introduces no hazardous waste
  • Contributes no VOCs
  • Maintains comfort and well-being of workers and occupants
IEQ Credit 8.1 -
 Daylight and Views - Daylight
Gordon provides solar control products such as Light Shelf that harvest daylight.
LEED for Schools
(New Construction and Major Renovations)
IEQ Prerequisite 3 -
 Minimum Acoustical Performance

IEQ Credit 9 -
 Enhanced Acoustical Performance
Gordon acoustical ceiling and wall systems reduce noise to 45 dBA max as well as meet the Reverberation Time (RT) requirements of ANSI Standard S12.60-2002, Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools.
Gordon systems utilize effective acoustical design, providing improved speech intelligibility between teachers and their students as well as among student work groups. As a result, background noise is reduced in classrooms to 40 dBA or less.
Gordon products provide innovative performance and can earn additional LEED points above the standard requirements set by LEED.
  • Acoustical Performance for improved speech intelligibility
  • Anti-microbial finishes that reduce bacteria in the environment and promote the well-being of occupants
  • SOFFIT-SHIELD exterior cladding and fascia products are patent pending and Miami Dade County approved. This system provides a high protection for the building envelope that endures extreme weather conditions, such as tornadoes and hurricanes.
    Patent No.: US 8,166,728 B1
    Miani-Dade County, Notice of Acceptance, N.O.A. No. 13-0813.24
    Expiration Date: August 14, 2018
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OUR ECO-PHILOSOPHY - Cradle to Cradle

Our Environmental Policy is embodied in our Core Values,
Beliefs, and Principles. It is the responsibility of every Gordon
employee to continually identify new and expanded opportunities
to not only recycle, but to reduce the root cause of waste.

Supporting Sustainability:

  • REGULATORY REPORTING: Our processes are such that Regulatory Reporting is not Required.
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Status - Compliant
    • EPA Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) - Status - Compliant
  • RECYCLED ALUMINUM is the principle substrate we utilize in the manufacture of our ceiling and wall systems, providing the following attributes:
    • Affordable
    • Lightweight
    • Environmental - Exterior and Interior applications
    • Class A Fire Rating
    • Reduced Freight Costs
    • Reduced Labor Costs
    • Ease of Installation
  • STRONG RECYCLING INITIATIVE prevails in all Gordon manufacturing processes. Excess drop materials that naturally occur in the manufacturing processes are returned to local recyclers. All post consumer photocopy paper is collected and recycled.
    • Our in-house finishing facility uses only water-soluble/biodegradable materials yielding no VOCs.
    • All waste from this process is rated safe for discharge into our city storm sewer system which is ultimately delivered to our city waste water treatment plant with no adverse impact to the environment.
    • No hazardous materials are used in this or any other process within our facility.
    • Non-vinyl wood grain laminate films are available.
    • Gordon perforated ceiling and wall systems, provided with the appropriate acoustical media, will meet the Reverberation Time (RT) requirements of ANSI Standard S12.60-2002, Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements and Guideline for School.
    • Meets LEED for Schools IEQ Prerequisite 3 and Credit 9 for enhanced acoustical performance
  • PAPER-BASED MATERIALS, utilized in packaging and marketing materials such as brochures and binders, are recycled.
  • WOOD-BASED MATERIALS, utilized in packaging and shipping for finished products, are recycled.

1LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.
The LEED® Certification Mark is a registered trademark owned by the USGBC and is used by permission.
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