Perforated Ceilings - Aviar Pattern B

Many Gordon systems can incorporate the use of perforated metal panels to create perforated ceilings for decorative or acoustical performance. Typical perforation patterns are round, slot, rectangular, square or oblong. Many standard perforation pattern options are available to create the correct design and percentage of open area. Custom patterns can be created.

Perforated Ceiling Types

Aluma Vault - Curved and Flat Metal Ceilings

Aluma-Vault is a 3-dimensional, decorative metal ceiling system that utilizes extruded aluminum to create curved, undulating, sloped, and flat ceiling applications. Three systems are available to meet your ceiling requirements.

ALPRO® - Corrugated Metal Ceilings

Corrugated ceilings provide excellent acoustical performance and can be face-attached to concealed suspension, lay-in to one of the many extruded aluminum grid systems, and can be hung independently to for clouds with perimeter trims.

ALPRO® AVIAR Corrugated Metal Ceilings

AVIAR is a fully engineered ceiling system that combines soaring decorative expression and optimal acoustical performance. Versatile in concept, AVIAR may be curved, vaulted or undulating in a free form, according to the designer's vision.

Hook-On Accessible Metal Panel Ceilings

HOOK-ON metal ceilings are installed to rigid, wire-hung, heavy-duty extruded aluminum suspension, providing a monolithic, accessible ceiling system with no black iron requirement.

Lay-In Panel Ceilings

Lay-in panels can be manufactured to the module size of your choice, perforated or non-perforated, and lay-in one Gordon’s many suspension options.

Lay-In Metal Panels

Lay-In metal panels are manufactured to accomodate 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' module sizes.

MILLENNIUM® Metal Ceilings

MILLENNIUM ceiling systems utilize extruded aluminum grid along with MILLENNIUM panels to create smooth runs of curved or undulating ceilings, or flat ceiling applications. Panels can float independently with the use of our JM clip.

Torsion Spring Panel Ceilings

Aluma Vault 3000 and 3000E torsion spring ceilings provide 100% accessibility.


Turn-Key tab and slot metal wall and ceiling systems provide concealed attachments and are designed and engineered for quick, easy. and low cost installation.