CeramicSteel Walls & Column Covers

PolyVision and Gordon, Inc. have partnered to develop and design durable, sustainable, high-performing engineered wall systems for demanding environments.

Architects and contractors now have the durability, performance and customizable capabilities of PolyVision’s CeramicSteel with the resilience,
fabrication and ease of installation of Gordon, Inc. systems in a one-stop shop.

PG CeramicSteel Walls and PG CeramicSteel Column Covers are ideal for any environment where performance is paramount:

• Airports
• Transit stations
• Arenas + stadiums
• Hospitals + medical facilities
• Escalator claddings
• Cleanrooms + data centers
• Industrial + food processing
• Roadway tunnels + underpasses
• Pedestrian access tunnels

PG CeramicSteel Walls are available in 4 systems providing incredible design flexibility:

PG MR-1000: Mounting with reveal
PG MC-1000: Concealed mounting with butt-joint
PG RB-2000: Snap-on reveal batten
PG SB-2000: Snap-on solid batten

PG CeramicSteel Column Covers deliver unsurpassed durability and resilience. The system includes:

PG CC-4000: Column covers


CeramicSteel is one of the most durable cladding materials on the market. Fusing the best qualities of porcelain enamel to steel, CeramicSteel is an abrasion-resistant material that is ideal for high-traffic public spaces. Resistant to scratches, stains, graffiti and fire, the smooth surface can be customized with color and printing to create a one-of-a-kind design.


A highly durable porcelain enamel surface is created when glass frits and inorganic oxides are melted and fused to thin gauge steel and fired at 1500-1700°. It is resistant to scratches, stains, graffiti and corrosion and is easy to maintain.


An extensive range of 113 panel colors (10 standard, 103 additional available with minimum order) and a state of the art digital printing process for customizable graphics provide unmatched individualization for any project.



Since 1964, Gordon, Inc. has delivered innovative architectural and engineered solutions for interior and exterior applications.

PolyVision has been manufacturing CeramicSteel surfaces that stand the test of time even in the most demanding environments since 1954.

By joining our expertise, we are engineering a new level of durability and design.


PG CeramicSteel Walls and Column Covers are designed specifically with CeramicSteel in mind, providing durable architectural walls and column cladding that will perform reliably for years to come.

The wall attachment systems offer architects the option to make the hardware a part of the design, or conceal it entirely. The column cover system’s stackable sections are built to provide clean design with optimal performance.


The attachment systems and transition trim members are stainless steel and aluminum. Along with cover trim pieces, they are available with anodized and paint finish options.


Both the CeramicSteel surface and the wall systems are manufactured with 100% inorganic materials and are 99% recyclable. All are certified for indoor air quality, and manufacturing plants have achieved ISO 9001 for efficient use of resources.