ECO• Solutions SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURAL METAL PRODUCTS FOR GREEN ENVIRONMENTS 5023 HAZEL JONES ROAD, BOSSIER CIT Y, LA 71111 2 GORDON - I NC .COM 80 0 . 747. 895 4 FA X 80 0 . 87 7. 8746 L E E D ®1 C O N T R I B U T I O N MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, BRODY HALL East Lansing, MI E N E R G Y A ND A T MO S P H E R E Gordon’s Light Shelf, Perimeter Pockets, Screenwalls, Data Center Contain- ment Walls, and Exterior Louvers improve energy performance and reduce economic impact associated with excesive energy use. EA Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance M A T E R I A L S A ND R E S OU R C E S MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content Aluminum Extrusions, Alumi- num and Steel coil products, Brake formed components, Column En- closures, ALPRO ® panels and baffles, Aluma Vault panels and scribed trim, BOLD BEAM, Wall Systems, Light Shelf brackets, SOFFIT-SHIELD ™ • Aluminum Extrusions - 38.1% recycled 2 • 29.4% pre-consumer content • 8.7% post-consumer content • Aluminum Coil - 23% recycled 2 • 21% pre-consumer content • 2% post-consumer content • Steel Coil - 81.1% recycled 2 • 52.9% pre-consumer content • 28.2.% post consumer content MR Credit 5 – Regional Materials Recovered raw materials are received from regional suppliers. All excess drop materials that naturally occur in the manufacturing process are recycled locally. LEED credits are available if the project is within a 500 mile radius. Gordon is centrally located to most U.S. Markets. • Vinyl Extrusions - 5% recycled 2 • 5% pre-consumer content • Fiberglass Insulation - 58% recycled 2 • 22% pre-consumer content • 36% post consumer content (PVC and Polyethelene bags that encapsulate the insulation are not recycled) 111 SOUTH WACKER DRIVE Chicago, IL CISCA Construction Excellence Award Winner CISCA Construction Excellence Award Winner Recycled content values are subject to change. Contact Gordon for exact recycled content by product.