Perimeter Pockets

PERIMETER POCKETS A P P L I C A T I O N S • Ceiling transition to perimeter wall • Conceals blinds, curtains, draperies, shades and screens • Air return or supply • Perimeter & ceiling transition lighting D E S I GN E L E M E N T S • Available in extruded aluminum and brake form aluminum or steel • Costs less than drywall construction • Avoids the high labor cost of furring, taping, filling and painting. • All pockets can be pre-cut to size, pre-finished and completely fabricated ready to install. • Integrates with suspended drywall or acoustical ceiling systems • Provides structural support for shade pockets and can include removable closures for access • Can integrate with lighting and provide an economical solution to traditional, high-cost light fixtures • Available vented for HVAC • Hanging & splicing • Hangers, splices, end closures, and corners are designed for exact alignment and simple installation • Pre-Finished • Standard finishes that match all major grid manufacturers • Custom finishes B R A K E F O R M P O C K E T - A l um i n um o r S t e e l 2" - 12" VERTICAL 3" - 12" HORIZONTAL 1" 3/4" 1" SIZES HANGER/SPLICE INTEGRAL SPLICE / HANGER COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF BALTIMORE COUNTY LEARNING CENTER Catonsville, MD WILLIAM P. HOBBY AIRPORT Houston, TX  GORDON - I NC .COM 80 0 . 747. 895 4 FA X 80 0 . 87 7. 8746