Turn-Key tab and slot metal wall and ceiling systems provide concealed attachments and are designed and engineered for quick, easy, and low cost installation. Panels º Aluminum: .040” - 0.090” º Steel / Stainless Steel: 20 - 16 gauge º Perforated or Non-perforated º Flat Shapes: Square & Rectangular º Lengths: 12” up to 144” º Widths: 6” up to 30” º Flush or Reveal Joint º Aligned or Staggered Panel Installation Acoustical Pads / Sound Fleece available Ceiling System Integration º Air Slots º Lighting º Sprinklers º Penetrations for Electrical Devices Factory Finishes TURN-KEY™ TA B & S LO T - ME TA L WA L L & C E I L I NG S Y S T EMS GORDON - I NC .COM 80 0 . 747. 895 4 FA X 80 0 . 87 7. 8746 5023 HAZEL JONES ROAD, BOSSIER CI T Y, L A 71111 Perforation Pattern R116-532DG12 Round 1/16” X 5/32” Diagonal centers, 12% open area Typical Wall Installation Typical Ceiling Installation D E T A I L S TURN-KEY TURN-KEY WALL PANEL TAB TURN-KEY SLOT EXISTING WALL ALUMINUM CROSS TEE ALUMINUM MAIN TEE TURN-KEY™ PANEL CROSS TEE CLIP (BEND TABS TOWARDS SQUARE HOLE, TYPICAL) MAIN TEE SPLICE (BEND TABS TOWARDS BUTT JOINT, TYPICAL) STRUT (BY OTHERS) FASTENERS EXISTING WALL (BY OTHERS) SHIM (AS REQUIRED) TURN-KEY TAB AND SLOT TURN-KEY PANEL Typical Connection Detail

TK010 10.22 TURN-KEY™ TA B & S LO T - ME TA L WA L L & C E I L I NG S Y S T EMS GORDON - I NC .COM 80 0 . 747. 895 4 FA X 80 0 . 87 7. 8746 I N S T A L L A T I O N Aligned Panel Installation Staggered Panel Installation 1 LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council. F I N I S H E S G R E E N B Y D E S I GN • Powder Coated Finishes º AAMA 2604 º AAMA 2605 • Motif Powder Coated Finishes • Wood Look Finishes in pre-coated paints and films • PVDF º 50% Resin Based Coatings º 70% High Performance Resin Based Coatings • Directional or non-directional Stainless Steel • Products contribute to LEED®1 certification • In-House Finishes º Biodegradable pre-treatment (No phosphates) º No hazardous waste º No VOCs º No heavy metals • Reference our sustainability page for more information. 5023 HAZEL JONES RD. BOSSIER CITY, LA 71111 800.747.8954 GORDON-INC.COM SALES@GORDON-INC.COM