Mullion Mate

Mullion Mate ® is an adjustable partition wall gap closure that creates the perfect transition between window mullions or windows and partition walls. Mullion Mate Adjustable Partition Wall Gap Closures • Saves on labor costs ... installs in less than 5 minutes • Arrives on-site fully assembled with insulation and gasket for quick installation • Arrives with factory finish to match window mullion or wall finish • Reduces construction debris and clean-up ® 2 ANTIMICROBIAL A N T I M I C R O B I A L S U R F A C E S G O R D O N I N C O R P O R A T E D ACOUSTICAL DURABLE CLEANABLE SUSTAINABLE SEISMIC Design Features & Benefits Installation Benefits Wall-to-Mullion Wall-to-Glass Wall-to-Glass (Field Notch) Installation Options • An aesthetically pleasing finish over traditional drywall solutions • Installs directly against the window mullion or window • Provides noise reduction between rooms - See STC (Sound Transmission Class) data on page 3 • Provides an expansion and contraction feature at the building perimeter • Fills a wide range of gaps (See gap sizes on pages 4 & 5) • Can be factory cut to desired lengths or shipped in available stock lengths (10' and 16') • Optional Partition Wall End Caps are available to finish the partition wall For more information & details visit: WWW.MULLIONMATE.COM BUY ONLINE