ChaseWall Partition

C hase W all P artition Clean, Secure Separation of Equipment Corridors from the Data Hall A Cost-Effective Alternative to Drywall Partitions Attributes: The Gordon ChaseWall is a demountable partition, providing a clean, secure barrier between equipment corridors and the data hall. ChaseWall is a non-progressive design, engineered to be easily assembled from only one side, with the head track attaching directly to the Gordon DG 1.5/1.5M/3.0/3.0M ceiling grid. In addition to being durable and structurally sound, the installed cost of ChaseWall is comparable to a finished gypsum board wall, but without the contamination associated with taping, floating, sanding, and painting inside the white space. • Modular, in standard 4’ (nominal) width panels to match grid array • Light in weight, easily handled components • Engineered for rapid installation...8-10 times faster than drywall construction! • Demountable; in sections for equipment move-in, or in full for partition relocation • Non-progressive, allowing for removal of 1 or more wall panels from any location along the wall structure, thus facilitating equipment move in or relocation • Adaptable design to allow for multiple panel types (Structural polycarbonate, metal face over honeycomb-core or composite, solid polycarbonate). Standard panels are 16mm (5/8”) thick. • Class A rated components for flame spread/smoke generation • Extruded aluminum wall components • Finish: aluminum extrusions are etched and Clear Anodized, panels in “Ice” White 