Perimter Trims

Gordon has a wide variety of metal trims that create a perimeter edge detail for floating acoustical and drywall ceilings. Trims can also be used at when acoustical ceilings or drywall ceilings transition at the column. Specialty metal products include perimeter pockets and Mullion Mate partition closures.

Trim Types

A large selection of trim heights is available to create innovative designs ranging from streamlined and graceful to bold and powerful. These extruded aluminum profiles offer the necessary curving flexibility, yet provide the durability required for handling and installation.

Gordon has an extruded aluminum drywall trim that provides easy installation and a seamless appearance that can only be achieved with a one piece profile. Contura can easily be taped and floated into an existing drywall soffit or ceiling condition.

VANTAGE POINT perimeters create a picture frame effect for floating cloud ceilings.

Drop Point is a wedge shaped perimeter trim that adds dimension and mass to cloud ceilings.

Soft Point Contura is an extruded aluminum trim that creates a unique decorative appearance at the perimeter edge of floating "cloud" ceilings.

Two Contura Acoustical profiles are connected to create curved or straight decoration for open plenums or below acoustical ceilings.

Gordon offers a variety of decorative custom profiles. These unique profiles offer a decorative element that perfectly complements your ceiling designs.

Column Collars are curved angle extrusions used to create transitions between columns or perimeters and acoustical tile, perforated and non-perforated metal panels, and drywall. They can be finished to match the ceiling suspension of your choice.

Gordon's extruded aluminum and brake form (aluminum or steel) perimeter pockets are used for ceiling transitions to perimeter wall and window systems. They can also be used for the concealing blinds, curtains, draperies, and screens; air return or air supply, and perimeter lighting.