Illumination Systems

Gordon specialty products include Air Slots, Control Joints, Light Shelves, Partition Closures, and Perforated Panels.

Specialty Products

Air Slots

All Air Slots are sized for the capacity designed by the HVAC consultant. The mechanical contractor furnishes the air supply diffusers specified by your consultant. Gordon integrates the components into the ceiling system.

Control Joints

Expansion/Control Joints are one of the necessary elements of any building. The desire is for a minimal visual interruption of the ceiling plane. Gordon offers ceiling control joints for both acoustical and drywall ceilings at the perimeter as well as anywhere in the total ceiling area. Gordon control joints complete the total perimeter concept.

Light Shelf

Light Shelf harvests natural light, reducing the demand for artificial lighting and lowers energy costs.

Mullion Mate

Mullion-Mate is an adjustable partition closure that creates the perfect transition between windows and partition walls.

SOFFIT-SHIELDTM - Exterior Soffit & Fascia Cladding

Gordon SOFFIT-SHIELD is the fascia and soffit solution to protect vertical and horizontal exterior building surfaces at times of devastating environmental events.

Perforated Panels

Gordon provides perforated panels with round, square, slot, and oblong holes in the percentage open area, size, and configuration you desire. Custom perforation patterns are available.