Beam-Mate Extruded Aluminum Ceiling Systems

Beam-Mate is an extruded aluminum beam ceiling system that provides visual definition with open plenum spaces without interruption to fire protection and HVAC devices. Beam-Mate is particularly suitable for retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping malls. The system lowers the ceiling height in large public spaces and can develop accent areas for small shops or retail stores. The minimum plenum depth required is 9".

Features & Benefits

Standard Beam Mate Profiles

Finish Options

AAMA 2604 Powder Coat Finishes

AAMA 2605 Powder Coat Finishes

Therapeutic Powder Coat Finishes

Wood Look Finishes

Antimicrobial Finishes

Design Elements

  • Extruded aluminum and custom formed profiles
  • Module sizes per your specification
  • Installs like most suspension systems
  • Incorporate perforated metal or acrylic panels for a decorative effect
  • Multiple perimeter options
  • Track lighting available
  • Factory finished
  • Corners are factory mitered and welded
  • Custom beam profiles can be created

Product Data

BM-11 Profile

BM-11 Isometric Assembly

BM-12 Profile

BM-12 Isometric Assembly

BM-13 Profile

BM-13 Isometric Assembly

BM-21 Profile

BM-21 Isometric Assembly

BM-22 Profile

BM-22 Isometric Assembly

BM-234X5 Profile

BM-234X5 Isometric Assembly

BM-234X5R Profile

BM-234X5R Isometric Assembly

BM-2X4 Profile

BM-2X4 Isometric Assembly

BM-2X4R Profile

BM-2X4R Isometric Assembly

BM-24 Profile

BM-24 Isometric Assembly

BM-24R Profile

BM-24R Isometric Assembly

BM-24X Profile

BM-24X Isometric Assembly

BM-24XR Profile

BM-24XR Isometric Assembly

BM-33 Profile

BM-33 Isometric Assembly

BM-33R Profile

BM-33R Isometric Assembly

BM-342 Profile

BM-342 Isometric Assembly

BM-3X6 Profile

BM-3X6 Isometric Assembly

BM-46 Profile

BM-46 Isometric Assembly

Beam Mate Specifications

Beam Mate Brochure

Cleaning & Maintenance