Illumination Systems

Gordon provides illumination systems that are incorporated into our ceiling systems and cove lighting systems.

Lighting Types

Gordon light coves are offered in several distinctive styles, adding a custom appearance to any environment.

Specification grade, low profile troffers for use in Gordon DG 1.5 Data Center Ceiling Grid. Troffers are ideal for Data Centers requiring general illumination with recessed configuration. Available in 2' x 2' and 2' x 4'.

Light fixtures designed to integrate with Lockdown and Cel•Line security ceiling systems.

Light Shelf harvests natural light, reducing the demand for artificial lighting and lowers energy costs.

Light Beam consists of clean, crisp extruded aluminum beams 2-1/4" W x 4" H or 2-3/4" W x 5" H. Light Beam can be factory wired with fluorescent up-lighting and track lighting integrated into the face or can simply act as a plenum mask and receive industry standard strip fixtures and tracks.