Light Coves

Hangers & Splices
Positive locking splices assure virtually invisible joints and a strong assembly. The light cove hanger bracket doubles as an integral shelf for a standard tube lighting strip. Hangers are provided and should be installed 4’ o.c. and adjacent to joints.

Light Cove Hanger & Splice

Inside and outside corners at any angle are factory mitered and welded for clean lines and the elimination of labor intensive fieldwork. Straight lengths are spliced to corners, joints are filled with caulk, and the entire system can be painted right along with the wall or factory finished in a custom color.

Light Cove Corner

Custom Reflectors
Custom Reflectors create unique lighting. Combine any extruded aluminum light cove with a variety of custom reflectors to create exactly the lighting effect desired.

Available in factory finished custom colors or surface coated with a protective film compatible with plaster latex, polyurethane epoxy, enamel, etc. for field finishing along with the drywall.