ACROSTAT Powder Coat ACROSTAT Powder Coat

ACROSTATTM is an additive that can be included in any AAMA 2604 powder coat finishes. ACROSTAT provides maximum resistance to the growth of bacteria and fungus and as such helps maintain a safer, more sanitary environment. ACROSTAT is the perfect finish for hospitals, public facilities, schools, pharmaceuticals, nursing homes, hotels, and restaurants.

Features of ACROSTAT:
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria or fungus
  • Reduces nosocomial infections in healthcare environments
  • Supplements hygienic cleaning protocols
  • Reduces costs in cleaning and offers residual protection against new contamination
  • Efficacy - Lasting effectiveness throughout the life of the finish
  • Silver Ion impregnated Powder Coat

Protection against microbes begins with proper hygiene and cleanliness. Cleaning procedures can be costly, time consuming and do not offer the residual protection against new contamination. The use of ACROSTAT is the perfect way to provide secondary protection against microbial contamination by supplementing proper hygiene practices. ACROSTAT provides a durable powder coat finish that is uniquely able to inhibit the growth of a wide range of microbes.

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