Final Forms I features a tapered, grooved perforated fin for bonding of drywall compound. Post-applied to a gypsum board surface, they offer concealed fastening of protective and decorative aluminum trim edging.

Installation Instructions

  • Install gypsum board-thickness as specified and in accordance with Final Forms I part number.
  • Lay out drywall surface with chalk lines.
  • Cut out gypsum board with router.
  • Cut Final Forms I to proper length. Corners should be mitered. Butt joints should be tight and fastened within 3" of ends.
  • Screw profile through round holes 8" - 24" O.C. maximum with standard bugle head drywall screws. Screws should tap studs where possible. Use screws 5/8" minimum longer than thickness of GPDW. Heavy Duty staples may also be used. Check for protrusion of screw heads by drawing a finishing knife across the entire surface length
  • Do not apply adhesive masking to pre-painted trims for longer than 24 hours. Release sheets are available for most trims for use in lieu of adhesive masking.
  • Tape with fiberglass tape and bed with standard drywall joint procedures. Take care to assure that tape does not overlap the profile shoulder.
  • After proper curing of initial coat (usually 24 hours), apply final skim coat with an 8" wide flexible metal trowel. Run one edge of the trowel along the shoulder of the profile and the other edge along the gypsum board surface to obtain a flat appearance. Three coats of drywall mud is generally recommended.
  • Clean excess compound from exposed portion of trim. Finish sand and "feather" joint with #220 grit sandpaper.
  • Apply paint or wall covering according to manufacturers' instructions. Trim is coated with a chemical conversion coating for bonding of joint compound and paint.

CAUTION: Wipe metal with dry cloth or thinner to remove dust, dirt or oils picked up in transit, handling or installation prior to taping, mudding and painting.

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