Aluma-Vault is a 3-dimensional, decorative metal ceiling system that utilizes extruded aluminum to create curved, undulating, sloped, and flat ceiling applications. Three systems are available to meet your ceiling requirements.

Lay-In Metal Panel Ceilings provide modular lay-in 2' x 2' or 2’ x 4’ panels that create a smooth monolithic plane when installed into 15/16" face suspension systems. Panels can be perforated to your design requirement or non-perforated.

Fiberglass reinforced acrylic sheets and diffusers combine the beauty and weather-ability of acrylic with the strength of glass fibers.

MILLENNIUM ceiling systems utilize extruded aluminum grid along with MILLENNIUM panels to create curved, undulating, and flat ceiling applications.

Sky Mate systems provide an excellent, inexpensive, natural skylight alternative anywhere within a building. It is particularly well suited for retail stores, restaurants, lobbies, grocery stores, shopping malls, executive offices, and conference rooms.