Brakeformed Beam Baffle is a vertical linear plenum mask that provides an attractive appearance for acoustical or non-acoustical ceiling applications.

  • Gordon's brake-formed* beam baffles provide flexibility for your project
  • Creates a linear plenum mask, while leaving an open plenum for HVAC, lighting, and fire protection
  • May be perforated for sound absorption
    • Acoustical pads are included
  • May be non-perforated for acoustically reflective vertical surfaces
  • Attaches to any 15/16" grid system
  • Easy to install with twist-in attachment clips
  • Perfect for renovation projects to improve the appearance of the space, as well as provide improved acoustical performance when desired
  • Widths - 1"- 4" (manufactured in 1/2" increments)
  • Heights
    • 4" to 20" high for 2" - 4" wide beams
    • 4" to 12" high for 1-1/2" wide beams
  • Lengths - 96" stock lengths. Custom lengths available.
  • Metal thickness - .040" aluminum standard. Custom thickness available.
  • Flexibility - Baffle spacing as per your design
  • Can be designed in traditional linear, serpentine, rake, or custom configurations
  • Perforated with or without borders at the end of the beam. Custom patterns available.
  • End caps available


  • Pre-Coated Paints
    • Polyester Paints
    • PVDF Organic Coatings
      • 50% Resin-based
      • 70% High Performance Resin-based
  • Powder Coats
    • Gordon AAMA 2604 Powder Coats
    • Antimicrobial
  • Wood Grain Films
    • Interior
    • Exterior
  • Wood Grain Paints
    • Polyester Paints
    • PVDF Organic Coatings
  • ProclaimTM - Expressive Laminate Imagery

1 LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.

*Extruded Aluminum Beams
Fin Mate Baffle Ceiling

Perforation Pattern Fin Mate Baffle Ceiling

Round 1/16" x 5/32"
Diagonal Centers
12% Open Area

Brakeformed Beam Baffle Profiles DWG | DXF | PDF
Beam Baffle Profiles
Brakeformed Beam Baffle
Isometric Assembly DWG | DXF | PDF
Brakeformed Beam Baffle
Isometric Swivel Clip DWG | DXF | PDF
Fin Mate Joint / Splice Fin Mate Joint / Splice
Brakeformed Beam Baffle Spacing Detail DWG | DXF | PDF
Fin Mate Perimeter Detail
Ceiling Configurations - Reflected Plan View
Staggered DWG | DXF | PDF Aligned DWG | DXF | PDF
Fin Mate Staggered Ends Fin Mate Aligned Ends
Ceiling Configurations - Section View
Serpentine DWG | DXF | PDF Rake DWG | DXF | PDF
Fin Mate Serpentine Section Fin Mate Rake Section