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Gordon provides the ability to purchase Final Forms drywall and plaster trims, light coves, and Contura perimeter trims from our website. You may do so via a PayPal or direct credit card purchase. These Gordon products are available on-line 24 hours and 7 days a week. It’s the perfect solution for last minute material orders, weekend warriors, and late night office heroes.

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Gordon Manufacturer’s Representatives are the finest in the business. There are over 40 independent agencies around the world that are ready to service your needs.

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Call us today at 800.747.8954 or email us at We are delighted to serve your needs and answer any questions that you might have about Gordon. From our standard product offering to creating a custom system, we will help you meet your design requirements.


Sales Manager
     •  Craig Eychaner

     •  Chess Hutchings – Director of Marketing, Gordon, Inc.
     •  Cricket Thurmon - Marketing Assistant
     •  Allison Myers – Sample Coordinator

Gordon, Inc.
     •  Gayla Kellogg - Manager of Customer Service & Planning

Gordon Interior Specialties Division
     •  Caroline Pierce – Product Manager
     •  Leslie Carlton – Customer Service Representative
     •  Craig Watson – Customer Service Representative
     •  Robert Settle – Customer Service Representative

ALPRO® Acoustical Systems
     •  Angela Gernon – Product Manager

Gordon Corrections Division
     •  Angela Gernon – Product Manager

Gordon Cleanroom Products Division and Gordon Data Center Products Division
     •  Caroline Pierce – Product Manager

Major Projects, Preconstruction Services and Gordon Exterior Products Division
     •  Ashwin Pulisetty – Manager of Major Projects & Preconstruction
     •  Silvana Grbesic – Project Coordinator
     •  Vahini Kondapaka – Project Coordinator
     •  Sushanth Reddy Palvai – Project Coordinator / Estimator
     •  Jerame Johnson – Estimator Specialist
     •  Kevin Cochrell – Estimator
     •  Daniel Campbell – Estimator
     •  Patrick Larkin – Project Coordinator / Estimator

     •  Rob Rombough – Manager of Engineering
     •  Danny Smiley – Engineer
     •  Eric Sorensen – Engineer
     •  Imack Collins – Engineer
     •  Amy Cain – Project Engineer
     •  Vamsi Achanta – Engineer

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