Installation Instructions

  • Install building paper behind/under all trims.
  • Attach trim 8" o.c. maximum with screws.
  • Install wire lath over nailing flange of trim.
  • On horizontal applications and vapor barrier applications install building paper over upper nailing flange of trim.
  • Apply sealant to all joints and along seams of factory fabricated intersections and corners. (For exterior vapor barrier applications, use optional splice slips with selant for alignment when installing continuous lengths of Final Forms II R series.)
  • Clean plaster off of exposed portions of trim immediately or use masking to protect trim during plastering. Plaster left to dry on the finished surface will stain the finish. Do not apply adhesive masking to pre-painted trims for longer than 24 hours. Release sheets are available for most trims for use in lieu of adhesive masking.
  • Trims can be cut with a chop saw using a 150 tooth saw blade. Use a lubricant or a grease stick on the blade prior to cutting.
Final Forms II: Installation Guide

Final Forms II features a striated fin punched 8" o.c. for attachment to wall. Pre-applied to a wall, they offer concealed fastening of protective and decorative aluminum trim edging.

Final Forms II Series R Plaster Channel Screed:

Final Forms II Series R Plaster Channel Screed

Final Forms II Series S Reveal Trim:

Final Forms II Series S Reveal Trim