AAMA 2604 Powder Coat Finishes

Gordon stocks all paint colors featured below. Gordon has virtually unlimited color matching capabilities.

The color samples shown here are for illustrative purposes only. The color of the finish on your monitor may differ from the actual color of the finish. Color samples, supplied on an aluminum panel, provide an actual representation of color, gloss, texture, and hue and are available upon request.

Powder Coatings for AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 Applications
Manufacturer’s Representative Guide to Powder Coatings
AAMA 2604 Finishes Comparison

AAMA 2604 Powder Coat Finishes
Frost White Finish
Frost White
Gloss - Matte 20 +/-
LRV - 81
Pearl White Finish
Pearl White
Gloss - Satin 30 +/-
LRV - 81
Snow White Finish
Snow White
Gloss - Gloss 80 +/-
LRV - 81
Powder White Texture Finish
Powder White Texture
Gloss - Mini-Tex 7 +/-
LRV - 82
Lace White Finish
Lace White
Gloss - Matte 20 +/-
LRV - 82
Bone White Finish
Bone White
Gloss - Satin 40 +/-
LRV - 82
Porcelain White Finish
Porcelain White
Gloss - Gloss 80 +/-
LRV - 82
Alabaster White Finish
Alabaster White Texture
Gloss - Mini-Tex 7 +/-
LRV - 82
Universal White Finish
Universal White
Gloss - Matte 10 +/-
LRV - 77
Bronze Finish
Gloss - Matte 20 +/-
LRV - 7
Satin Bronze Finish
Satin Bronze
Gloss - Satin 45 +/-
LRV - 7
Bright Bronze Finish
Bright Bronze
Gloss - Gloss 85 +/-
LRV - 7
Bronze Texture Finish
Bronze Texture
Gloss - Mini-Tex 7 +/-
LRV - 7
Dark Bronze Finish
Dark Bronze
Gloss - Matte 20 +/-
LRV - 10
Super Silver Finish
Metallic Bronze
Gloss - Satin 40 +/-
LRV - 10
Asti II Finish
Bronze Age
Gloss - Gloss 80 +/-
LRV - 10
Champagne Finish
Dark Bronze Texture
Gloss - Mini-Tex 7 +/-
LRV - 10
Universal Black Finish
Universal Black
Gloss - Matte 15 +/-
LRV - 5
Nightshade Black Finish
Nightshade Black
Gloss - Satin 40 +/-
LRV - 5
Black Ice Finish
Black Ice
Gloss - Gloss 80 +/-
LRV - 5
Space Black Finish
Space Black
Gloss - Mini-Tex 7 +/-
LRV - 5
Universal Silver Finish
Universal Silver
Gloss - Matte 20 +/-
LRV - 46
Silver Fox Finish
Silver Fox
Gloss - Satin 35 +/-
LRV - 46
Silver Bell Finish
Silver Bell
Gloss - Gloss 60 +/-
LRV - 46
Silver Mist
Silver Mist
Gloss - Mini-Tex 7 +/-
LRV - 46
Metallic Silver Finish
Metallic Silver
Gloss - Matte 15 +/-
LRV - 35
Silver Shine Finish
Silver Shine
Gloss - Satin 50 +/-
LRV - 35
Brilliant Silver Finish
Brilliant Silver
Gloss - Gloss 70 +/-
LRV - 35
Glitter Silver Finish
Glitter Silver
Gloss - Mini-Tex 7 +/-
LRV - 35

Gordon AAMA 2604 Powder Coat Finishes are durable, hard-surface, super polyester powder coat finishes that provide high impact, chemical, and U/V resistance. Its inherit mechanical properties meet or exceed those of commonly accepted 50% PVDF finishes, yet are available without the high cost of application and the negative environmental impact of VOC's. ACROGUARD performs beautifully in "high abuse" environments, such as airports, hospitals, and malls where column covers and wall panels are required. With Gordon AAMA 2604 Powder Coat Finishes, an extended warranty up to 10 years is available.

Gordon AAMA 2604 Powder Coat Finishes provide the following advantages when compared to 50% PVDF liquid coating:

  • Textures are available
  • Broad gloss range
  • Superior pencil hardness
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Higher impact resistance
  • No VOCs emitted in pre-treatment process
  • Factory finished, shorter lead-times, No extra transportation required, EPA Compliant
  • Endures acid exposure, even against Sulfuric Acid
Technical Data
Properties Test Method 50% PVDF Liquid Coating Powder Coating
Textures N/A No Yes
Gloss Range (at 60°) ASTM D523 5-25 5-90
Color Range1 N/A Wide range of solids & metallics Wide range of solids & metallics
Smoothness (PCI Scale)2 PCI Tech Brief #20 5-8 5-8
Aluminum Substrate Test Method 50% PVDF Liquid Coating Powder Coating
Pretreatment, typ. 3 N/A Tri/Hex Valent Chrome Chrome-Free dry-in-place
Impact Resistance
ASTM D2794 2.5 mm* 3.0 mm*
Pencil Hardness4 ASTM D3363 F* minimum 3H*
Taber Abrasion
(Wear Index) 5
ASTM D4060 140* 100*
Adhesion ASTM D3359 5B 5B
100 Double Rubs MEK PCI Method #8 PASS* PASS*
Mandrel Bend ASTM D522 ¼" * ¼" *
Film Thickness ASTM D7091 1.2 min* 2.0 min*
Aluminum Substrate Test Method 50% PVDF Liquid Coating Powder Coating
South Florida UV Resistance Per AAMA 2604-17a Up to 10 years
Gloss retention: 30%+
Color Retention: △E <5.0
Up to 10 years
Gloss retention: 30%+
Color Retention: △E <5.0
Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B117 3000 hrs.* 3000 hrs.*
Humidity Resistance ASTM D2247 4000 hrs.* 4000 hrs.*
* Results based on actual tests done by an independent lab


1Color ranges can be limited by high chromaticity which could facilitate the need for a clear top coat.

2PCI smoothness is directed by a set of 10 standard panels that vary in smoothness; 1 being the least smooth and 10 which represents nearly perfect smoothness.

3Pretreatment chemicals for PVDF coatings typically contains either trivalent or hexavalent chrome. Chrome is a heavy metal and extremely hazardous. Gordon powder coatings are applied over chrome-free pretreated substrates and exhibit excellent performance.

4Pencil Hardness Scale:

5Taber Wear Index - Indicates rate of wear, and is calculated by measuring the loss of weight (in milligrams) per thousand cycles of abrasion. The lower the wear index, the better the abrasion resistance.

Environmental Policy

Our in-house finishing facility uses only water-soluble materials in our pre-treatment process. All overflow from this process is approved for introduction into our city water treatment plant without adverse impact to the environment. Gordon powder coat finishes are EPA compliant and contribute to the U.S. Green Building initiative.

Gordon's environmental commitment is affirmed within our core Values, Beliefs, and Principles. Waste reduction and recycling are key elements of our business culture and are embraced by all Gordon team members.