• WinLok metal ceilings provide a monolithic, accessible soffit system with a concealed panel attachment system. Suspension is heavy-duty aluminum.
  • WinLok is used primarily in exterior aplications when soffits are subject to high wind loads. The system can also be installed for interior applications.
  • WinLok attachment clips provide a holding force of 100 lbs per clip, when using .050" aluminum.
  • WinLok allows easy panel removal by using the custom access tool. The system provides security/restrictive access unless the custom tool is used.
  • Vertical torsion springs on the end of panels allow panels to hinge when accessing.
  • System provides for low installation cost and easy installation
  • Installed flat, sloped, or segmented to simulate vault conditions
  • Acoustical media available
  • Patented System: US 10,113,317 B1
  • Contributes to LEED®1 Certification
  • Panels
    • Material: 0.050" - 0.125" Aluminum
    • Perforated or Non-perforated
    • Flat Shapes: Square, Rectangular, Triangular, and Trapezoidal
    • Corrugated Shapes
    • Sizes: Up to 57" x 144"
  • System Integration
    • Air Slots
    • Lighting
    • FlexHead®2 Sprinklers
    • Perimeter Pockets
    • Penetrations
      • Speakers
      • Columns
      • Lights
      • Air
  • Finishes
    • Powder Coated - Durable Finishes
      • Gordon AAMA 2604 Powder Coats
      • Antimicrobial
    • GreenWoodTM - Wood Grain Films and Wood Grain Paints
WinLok Tool Detail DWG | DXF | PDF WinLok Bracket Detail DWG | DXF | PDF

WinLok Tool Detail WinLok Bracket Detail

WinLok Torsion Plate Detail DWG | DXF | PDF WinLok Perimeter Condition Detail DWG | DXF | PDF

WinLok Torsion Plate Detail WinLok Perimeter Detail

WinLok Reveal Panel Detail DWG | DXF | PDF

WinLok Tool Detail

WinLok Patent No: US 10,113,317 B1

1 LEED® is a registered trademark of U.S. Green Building Council
2 FlexHead is a registered trademark of FlexHead Industries.