Aluma Vault

Aluma Vault is a 3-dimensional, decorative ceiling system that utilizes extruded aluminum suspension system. Curved, undulating, or flat ceiling applications are available. Gordon manufactures your Aluma Vault ceiling per your exact design requirements.

Provide the radius, the module size, and the finish; we'll do the rest. For complex projects, we offer the skills and craftsmanship necessary to shift your concept into reality.

Three Aluma Vault systems are available and each offers its own unique features and benefits. We offer many panel options: aluminum and brakeformed, FRP, acrylic, MILLENNIUM®, non-perforated, perforated in one of our many stock designs, or custom-perforated to your specifications.

Many extruded perimeter options are available. Most perimeter trims can be curved to follow the shape of the ceiling. Aluma-Vault can also be designed to incorporate functional elements such as lighting, sound control, fire protection, and ventilation.

Finish your Aluma Vault system in the color of your choice. Gordon's custom color matching capability, as well as multiple in-house paint lines, offer the flexibility of endless color options, including metallics, mechanical, and exterior finishes.