Integrum is the acoustical ceiling system for supervised areas of minimum and medium security correctional facilities. Integrum's heavy duty standard module, exposed grid construction makes possible the cost effective integration of acoustics, lighting, and mechanical systems in the correctional environment. Cel•Line is a cost effective high security acoustical plank system ideal for use in cells, holding areas, and medium and maximum security day rooms.


Perforated Integrum and Cel•Line panels, topped with acoustical pads, provide the ideal acoustical media for correctional facilities. The Integrum and Cel•Line systems achieve an N.R.C. (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of up to .95, substantially reducing overall noise levels. Sound reverberation time can be reduced to below 1 second in most day room configurations utilizing Integrum or Cel•Line ceilings. In areas where sound transmission is of concern, mineral fiber acoustical panels or steel backer sheets may be substituted for fiberglass acoustical pads, enabling the Integrum or Cel•Line system to achieve an S.T.C. (Sound Transmission Coefficient) in the range of up to 40 to 44.


Integrum's industry standard 2'x2' and 2'x4' grid modules effectively accommodate the electrical, mechanical, and security systems of today's correctional facilities. The Integrum grid system accepts economical, easy to install Type "G" recessed lay in security lighting fixtures and HVAC grilles. The installation of the Integrum system creates a tamper resistant plenum space allowing for efficient installation of mechanical and electrical systems.

Cel•Line's 12" or 24" wide plank modules integrate with Type "F" 12" wide or 24" wide recessed security light fixtures available from several leading manufacturers. If single source responsibility is a design requirement, consider using one of Gordon's Cellite Security Lighting Fixtures with the Cel•Line system or our Locklite Security Lighting Fixtures with the Integrum Ceiling system. Both fixture lines have a wide array of lenses, ballast's, housing gauges, and accessories to achieve your design requirements.


The Integrum system is constructed using rugged panels of 18 gauge steel or .040 aluminum for high humidity areas, extra heavy duty steel grid components, and vertical steel compression members. Integrum's panel design provides a continuous and secure positive lock between the panel and the grid system without the use of clips or fasteners. When professionally installed in accordance with the system details, Integrum provides a rigid, tamper and abuse resistant ceiling system that serves as a visual concealment barrier for supervised correctional interiors.

The Cel•Line acoustical plank ceiling system is recommended for inmate rooms and other unsupervised areas where higher levels of security acoustical performance are required. Cel•Line's 12, 14, 16 or 18 gauge stainless steel or aluminum planks are ship-lapped and side stitched to provide a continuous metal barrier. The Cel•Line planks are then secured to matching steel support angles and tees with Torx security fasteners, or steel rivets. The Cel•Line system may also be directly mounted to the tops of solid filled ceiling height masonry partitions through the use of concealed channels, thus creating an uninterrupted plenum while delivering savings in wall construction.


Integrum and Cel•Line security screwed access panels can be located anywhere within the field of the system, allowing for controlled access to mechanical and electrical items in the enclosed plenum. Access panels are provided at a minimal up-charge and may be installed at any time up to final completion of the ceiling. System compatible 2'x2' hinged, downward-opening, locking access doors are available for Integrum and Cel•Line at additional cost for items requiring repeated access.


Integrum and Cel•Line systems may be used in all of the various buildings throughout the correctional facility. The tough 18 gauge steel Integrum system is a specifier's favorite for lowering noise levels in day rooms, mezzanine walkways, and areas of assembly. Integrum is also often utilized in health, intake, administrative, and vocational buildings providing a combination of acoustics, plenum concealment, economy, and accommodation of mechanical and electrical systems. Cel•Line planks provide a combination of security and acoustics for cells, holding areas, and medium and maximum security day rooms.

An .040" aluminum Integrum system or a 16 gauge stainless steel Cel•Line system is recommended for food service areas, showers and other spaces where cleanliness, moisture resistance, security and acoustics are all of concern.

Cost Effectiveness

Integrum and Cel•Line install for a fraction of the cost of comparable acoustical metal decks and snap-in metal pan systems for security facilities. Furthermore, costs for mechanical and electrical systems are reduced because of Lockdown's standard grid modules and secure plenum.

The development of the Integrum and Cel•Line systems have had a direct and significant impact on today's cost of correctional construction. The availability of a secure and economical suspended ceiling system has helped to allow correctional architects and engineers to greatly expand the use of pre-fabricated metal buildings and other applications of steel construction in correctional buildings that have historically required concrete and masonry construction.


Gordon, Inc. is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of specialty metal architectural, acoustical, and security interior systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications, including correctional facilities. Integrum, Cel∙Line, and Cel∙Lock systems have been utilized successfully in over 6 million square feet of ceiling and wall systems at more than 480 correctional facilities in 48 states.