Visitor Information


Visitor Parking spaces are located to your left as you enter the driveway, and should be available adjacent to the entrance of Main Office. Please do not park your vehicle in the fire zones. Please observe the posted speed limits as you enter and leave our parking area.

and Receive a Visitors badge

Visitors will enter the building at the main office entrance. You will be greeted by our Receptionist and asked to sign our Visitors’ log, and at which time you will be issued a Visitors badge. A Gordon representative will accompany you at all times.


Footwear and Clothing

While in the facility, visitors must wear shoes that have a sole at least ¼” thick and must be fully enclosed over the heel, instep, toes, and metatarsals. (for example: footwear such as “Flip Flops” are not acceptable footwear). Likewise: shorts, dresses, sleeveless shirts and/or blouses are not acceptable. Please be aware, if you do not have proper footwear and clothing you will not be allowed into the facility.

Eye Protection

Safety glasses will be provided should your visit include a tour of the Manufacturing facility. Unless accompanied by a Gordon representative, you will be required to confine your presence to the aisle ways.

Cell Phone Policy

Our facility has a Cell Phone Policy that must be adhered to while visiting. Cell phone use is strictly limited to Offices and Break Areas. If you need to take or make a call while touring the facility, a Gordon Representative will direct you to one of these areas, or will personally escort you to an approved location for use of your cellular device.

Photography Policy

Photography is not permitted in the Gordon Offices or the Manufacturing facility. If for any reason photography is required for you to successfully complete your objectives for visiting our facilities, a Gordon representative will photograph the subject you request and will electronically forward the photographs to the address you will provide.

Use of Tobacco Products and E-cigarettes

Allowed only in authorized areas. Ask for directions to these locations.

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