Wood Ceilings - Beam Mate

Wood ceilings provide a warm and cozy environment for any interior space. Gordon’s GreenWood™ ceilings are wood grain films that are applied to metal panels and trims, creating the appearance of real wood without the economic burden or design constraints of natural materials.

Wood Ceiling Types

Aluma Vault - Curved and Flat Metal Ceilings

Aluma-Vault is a 3-dimensional, decorative metal ceiling system that utilizes extruded aluminum to create curved, undulating, sloped, and flat ceiling applications. Three systems are available to meet your ceiling requirements.

Beam Baffle - Brakeformed - Open Plenum Beam Baffle Ceilings

Brakeformed Beam Baffle is a vertical linear plenum mask that provides an attractive appearance for acoustical or non-acoustical ceiling applications.

Beam Baffle - Extruded - Open Plenum Beam Baffle Ceilings

Beam Baffle is an extruded aluminum beam ceiling system that creates a linear plenum mask, while leaving an open plenum for HVAC and fire protection.

Beam Mate - Metal Beam Ceilings

Beam-Mate is an extruded aluminum beam ceiling system that provides an economical solution for your open cell beam and decorative beam metal ceiling requirements. The system gives definition to the ceiling space, yet retains convenience in the maintenance if open plenums are required.

Bold Beam - Metal Beam Ceilings

Bold Beam ceiling systems provide visual definition in open plenum spaces without interruption to fire protection and HVAC devices. When installed with lay-in panels, Bold Beam ceilings create an appearance that is prominent and attractive.

Contura - Perimeter Trims

Contura is designed to create a perimeter within or below a ceiling area, and is used in conjunction with ceiling grid, open cell beam systems, panels and lighting to accentuate or isolate various ceiling areas.

Flush Edge Panel Ceilings

Flush Edge ceilings provide modular lay-in 2’ x 2’ panels that create a smooth monolithic plane when installed into any suspension system. Panels can be perforated to your design requirement or non-perforated.

Hook-On Accessible Metal Panel Ceilings

HOOK-ON metal ceilings are installed to rigid, wire-hung, heavy-duty extruded aluminum suspension, providing a monolithic, accessible ceiling system with no black iron requirement.

Lay-In Panel Ceilings

Lay-in panels can be manufactured to the module size of your choice, perforated or non-perforated, and lay-in one Gordon’s many suspension options.

Marquis™ Linear Metal Panel Ceilings

Marquis is a linear panel ceiling system that provides a crisp appearance for interior and exterior applications.

Torsion Spring Panel Ceilings

Aluma Vault 3000 and 3000E torsion spring ceilings provide 100% accessibility.


Turn-KeyTM tab and slot metal wall and ceiling systems provide concealed attachments and are designed and engineered for quick, easy. and low cost installation.