Metal Ceiling - Aluma Vault AV 1000

Gordon provides many ceilings that that incorporate metal perforated or non-perforated lay-in panels. Panels can also be fiberglass reinforced or standard acrylic.

Lay-In Panel Ceiling Types

Aluma Vault - Curved and Flat Metal Ceilings

Aluma-Vault is a 3-dimensional, decorative metal ceiling system that utilizes extruded aluminum to create curved, undulating, sloped, and flat ceiling applications. Three systems are available to meet your ceiling requirements.

ALPRO® - Corrugated Metal Ceilings

Corrugated ceilings provide excellent acoustical performance and can be face-attached to concealed suspension, lay-in to one of the many extruded aluminum grid systems, and can be hung independently to for clouds with perimeter trims.

FRP Panel Ceilings

Fiberglass reinforced acrylic sheets and diffusers combine the beauty and weather-ability of acrylic with the strength of glass fibers.

Lay-In Metal Panels

Lay-In metal panels are manufactured to accomodate 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' module sizes.

MILLENNIUM® Metal Ceilings

MILLENNIUM ceiling systems utilize extruded aluminum grid along with MILLENNIUM panels to create smooth runs of curved or undulating ceilings, or flat ceiling applications. Panels can float independently with the use of our JM clip.

Sky Mate - Skylight Alternative Ceilings

Sky Mate Systems offer an excellent, economical alternative to natural skylights. Sky Mate skylights do not require the maintenance and cooling loads, nor do they have the potential for water leaks that are common problems for natural skylights.