Illuminated Ceilings - Light Beam

Illuminated ceilings can be provided by utilizing suspension systems with direct and indirect lighting incorporated into them or creating ceilings with lay-in panels that are acrylic or fiberglass reinforced that are backlit.

Illuminated Ceiling Types

Fiberglass reinforced acrylic sheets and diffusers combine the beauty and weather-ability of acrylic with the strength of glass fibers.

Sky Mate Systems offer an excellent, economical alternative to natural skylights. Sky Mate skylights do not require the maintenance and cooling loads, nor do they have the potential for water leaks that are common problems for natural skylights.

Light Beam consists of clean, crisp extruded aluminum beams. Light Beam can be factory wired with fluorescent up-lighting and track lighting integrated into the face or can simply act as a plenum mask and receive industry standard strip fixtures and tracks.