Final Forms I Series 900

FINAL FORMS I UN I QUE T R IMS A ND SH A P E S I N PR E F I N I SHED A L UM I NUM  SERIES 900 SPECIAL SHAPES STRUCTURAL CORNER TRIM for edge strength. 3 STEP OUTSIDE CORNER TRIM for edge strength and reveal. Use for horizontal and vertical molding. EDGE TRIM for use with double GPDW applications. Used to transition with vaying wall thicknesses, or to recess or project sections of a wall. Also see 965. GORDON - I NC .COM 80 0 . 747. 895 4 FA X 80 0 . 87 7. 8746 PART NUMBER A 901-SC-00 1/16" 901-SC-375 3/8” 901-SC-1250 1-1/4" GPDW METAL STUD A A 5023 HAZEL JONES ROAD, BOSSIER CIT Y, LA 71111 METAL STUD GPDW A B B A GPDW METAL STUD A PART NUMBER A B 902-3X-625 5/8" 5/8" 902-3X-100 1" 1” 902-3X-200 2" 2" PART NUMBER A 903-ET-12 1/2" 903-ET-58 5/8” 903-ET-10 1" 903-ET-125 1-1/4" PART NUMBER A B 904-RT-12 1/2" 1/2" 904-RT-34 3/4” 3/4" 904-RT-200-200 2" 2" METAL STUD A B WALL REVEAL TRIM for 1/2" or 3/4" reveal around columns and curved or straight walls. Custom curved to your radius.