C el• L ine ® ME TA L P L A NK C E I L I NGS FOR H I GH S ECUR I T Y EN V I RONMEN T S P RO DU C T I N F O R M A T I ON 5023 HAZEL JONES ROAD, BOSSIER CIT Y, LA 71111 C e l• L i ne h igh secur i t y ce i l i ngs f e atur e : Heavy gauge steel or aluminum planks with matching angle and tee suspension systems for unsupervised areas. Perforated planks with acoustical media provide noise control. • Cells • Holding Areas • Showers / Toilets • Visitation Areas • Dayrooms Shiplap design prohibiting passage of contraband to the plenum Factory finished components Heavy duty structural performance Green Building Compliant and IAQ Friendly Specialized systems available for use in: • U.S. Marshalls Service Facilities (USMS) • State of New York Department of Correctional Service Facilities (OGS) • City of New York Department of Corrections Facilities 2 S I Z E OP T I ONS • 12", 18", or 24" wide, in lengths up to 12' • Metric sizing also available P L A NK T H I CKNE S S , COMPOS I T I ON A ND F I N I SHE S • Materials: • Galvaneal Steel – 12 to 18 ga • Aluminum - .040” to .125”, 5052 H32 Alloy • Stainless Steel – 14 to 18 ga, type 304 - #4 or #2b finish • Consult factory for custom gauges and materials • Perforated (acoustical) or unperforated • High durability security white powder coat finish • Custom colors available P ER FOR AT I ON PAT T ERNS • .125" diameter holes on .336" 45˚ diagonal centers, 11% open area • Custom patterns available by request FA S T EN I NG OP T I ONS • Exposed Torx ®1 Tamper Proof security screws • Concealed hold down system ACOUS T I C A L MED I A • Minimum 3 pound density, Class A rated fiberglass sound absorbing pads wrapped in fire retardant black polyethylene • Non-woven acoustical fabric ACOUS T I C A L R AT I NGS • NRC Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.70-1.00 (varies by perforation pattern & acoustical media) • STC Sound Transmission Coefficient 14 ga Steel Backing Plate available for a STC of 40-44 F I R E R AT I NGS • Panels have a Class A rating when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 S Y S T EM COMPAT I B L E ACC E S SOR I E S • Cel•Lite light fixtures • Air diffusers and returns • Piano hinged, locking access doors • Security screwed access plates • 14 ga Steel Backing Plate 1 Torx ® Tamper Proof security screws is a registered trademark of Camcar GORDON - I NC .COM 80 0 . 747. 895 4 FA X 80 0 . 87 7. 8746