T-Mobile Arena

Las Vegas, NV

Photos of the T-Mobile Arena can be viewed in the Gordon Photo Gallery.

The new, $375-million, T-Mobile Arena is a 650,000 square foot, 20,000 seat, state-of-the-art multi-purpose, facility accommodating sporting events such as NHL Hockey and UFC Fighting, and provides an exceptional venue for celebrity concert performances.

T-Mobile Arena
T-Mobile Arena

Gordon, Inc. provided an attractive and affordable solution utilizing 40,000 SF of perforated, corrugated metal ALPRO® wall panel systems designed to reduce the reverberation time, increasing the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) to the specified level, and providing excellent speech intelligibility. Furring strips were mounted to the existing structure and wall panels were attached allowing room for sound attenuating insulation to provide the required acoustical performance. The panels were lapped for a seamless appearance and finished at edge conditions or panel termination points with brake formed perimeter trims.

T-Mobile Arena T-Mobile Arena

The acoustical wall panel and trim system effectively reduces reverberation time within the respective levels of the 5-story arena including the main concourse, party deck, soffits, suite level, upper concourse, and tower level in a way that maximizes the entertainment factor for any and all event audiences. The primary design objective of acoustical performance was met without compromise of durability and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

T-Mobile Arena T-Mobile Arena

As Gordon, Inc. completed area submittal drawings, the installing contractor, KHS&S Contractors, field verified every dimensional aspect of the arena. Drawings were then color coded by area and the number of panels necessary for each area was determined. Many corrugated metal panels were triangular and trapezoidal due to the complex shape of the arena. All panels, including both custom and standard trims, were field cut to length and mitered. Gordon, Inc. intelligently packaged panels for shipment by area and section where installation was to occur as well as meet installation schedules.

Custom Column Covers

T-Mobile Arena was designed by Populous in Kansas City, MO and has been certified as LEED Gold, making it the first sports and entertainment arena in Las Vegas to achieve LEED certification. The panels provided were of high recycled content, contributing to the LEED materials and resources credit.

custom column covers

In addition to a 2016 ENR Construction Excellence Award in Safety, Sports/Entertainment Best Project, T-Mobile Arena has received a 2018 CISCA Excellence Award. The product performance, beautiful design, and project and installation complexity make up this exceptional project. Gordon, Inc.’s ALPRO® Acoustical Wall Panels provide durability to stand the test of time while creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional design perfect for today’s arena projects.

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