Ouachita River Correctional Unit, Malvern, AR

Gordon Corrections Division, a division of Gordon, Inc., is the leader in the design and manufacture of Detention Ceiling Systems. Gordon’s, Lockdown® and Cel•Line® ceiling systems, provide Security Ceilings and Security Planks that are well known throughout the Corrections / Security industry for their performance, quality, and ease of installation. Gordon also provides accessory components to complement the system.

Gordon’s Security Ceilings and Security Planks have been installed in US Courthouses, Federal Prison, State Prison, and County Jails throughout the United States.

System Types

There are several manufacturers of detention ceiling systems offering varied products. Generally, these products can be broken into three types: downward locking panel systems, and security plank systems.

Downward locking panel systems (Exposed suspension)

These systems, typically available in 2'x2' or 2'x4' modules, utilizes heavy duty exposed "Tee" Grids in combination with 18 or 20 gauge locking security ceiling panels. A compression member is customarily installed from the system to the deck at 48" on center to resist system uplift.

Security Plank Systems (Exposed suspension)

Security plank ceilings are commonly available in modules of 12", 18" or 24" wide in custom lengths to suit the area of usage. The market currently offers systems ranging from 12 to 20 gauge steel in single or double layer configurations, with the vast majority of specifications requiring the use of 14 or 16 gauge steel planks. In cells and corridors, planks typically bear on matching wall mounted angles, secured with screws, rivets, and welds or concealed mounting hardware. A series of angles and suspended Tee section is commonly used in larger "full field" applications.

Please let us know what information you would like answered regarding the use of acoustical metal security systems in Courthouses, Prisons, Jails, and other detention applications.

The next subject in this series will address the criteria used to select which system type is appropriate for your application.

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