The Gordon DG 1.5 Data Center Ceiling Grid

Due to high cooling costs, the traditional data center has been built with an acoustical ceiling tile (ACT) drop ceiling above the white space in order make cooling the room more efficient. However, using the ACT-type ceiling to address one issue, presents new challenges for the data center owner. The drop ceiling is not strong enough to independently support cable distribution or containment barriers. It therefore becomes a permanent obstacle, since overhead cable tray or barrier supports must go through the ACT ceiling to suspend from the structure above. Thus, routine IT upgrades or data center layout changes turn what should be a simple revision into a full blown construction project. Why do I need a drop ceiling in my data center?
  1. Reduces the amount of cold aisle space that will require cooling.
  2. Can enhance control of ducted return air in the hot aisle.
  3. Helps maintain cleanliness inside the data center.
  4. Provides security when ceiling panels are locked in place.
What are the benefits of the patent pending Gordon DG 1.5 structural Data Center ceiling system?
  1. Serves the dual purpose of both drop ceiling and support grid for overhead cable distribution.
  2. Greater installation and routing flexibility of cable distribution systems.
  3. Totally accessible overhead suspension allows for simple distribution system expansion or upgrade.
  4. Reduces the amount of interstitial support steel by up to 50%.
  5. Eliminates the need for acoustical ceiling tile (ACT) drop ceilings.
  6. Provides and attachment or suspension platform for containment barriers, surface mounted light fixtures, and other utilities.
  7. Ceiling panel material options that are cleaner and permanent, including metal acoustical panels.
  8. Optional non-ferrous suspension components eliminate zinc contamination and reduce radio frequency interference (RFI)
The Gordon DG 1.5 Data Center ceiling grid solves the long term problems of working within the contained data center environment. Consider the possibility of a drop ceiling engineered to achieve your design objectives for future expansion and upgrades, which include: accessibility, flexibility, and adaptability. The functional attributes of Gordon’s DG 1.5 Data Center ceiling system add value and provide continuing return on investment (ROI) during the life of the data center.

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