Ceilings & Walls – 9/11 Memorial Museum

New York City, NY

9/11 Memorial Museum Exterior 9/11 Memorial Museum Exterior

Gordon, Inc. was awarded the honor and privilege to become integrally involved in the design, engineering, constructability assessments, fabrication, and installation of the custom ceilings, walls, light coves, trims, and ornamental treatments throughout the reverent space which is now known as the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Built on the footprint of the World Trade Center, the museum exudes an atmosphere of respect for the overwhelming losses and somberness that is sustained with every step visitors take throughout the space. The materials and the finishes selected for the Gordon products provide a delicate balance between the reality of the physical destruction that occurred during the attack on September 11, 2001, while creating an atmosphere of peace, honor and compassion for the spirits for those who perished on that fateful day.

Custom Metal Ceiling Panels Pedestrian ramps, which direct visitors through the museum, are prominent architectural features clad with custom metal panels by Gordon. The multiple shapes, planes, angles and scale of the panels supported by an intricately engineered mounting system combine to accentuate the enormity of the tragic event.
11,383 drawings were required to create the 1,750 panels, along with the suspension and mounting systems in these areas. 98% of the components were unique.
custom wall and ceiling panels The featured finish of Gordon's custom wall and ceiling panels provide an illusion of molten metal following the original outlines of the fallen towers, extending beneath the reflecting pools located at ground level. The custom powder coat finish applied to lower wall panels creates an illusion of charred metal.
Metal ceilings Gordon's Aluma Vault 3000 ceiling system delivered a monolithic plane providing not only acoustical serenity but also accommodates strategically located lighting of the artifacts on display below.
Wall panels Located at the lowermost point of the museum, visitors are provided a close-up view of the original South Tower footings which remain intact and are preserved. Gordon proudly provided the wall panels located adjacent to this artifact as well as the ceiling panels located directly above.
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