Ceilings – Prairie Meadows Racetrack Casino Hotel

Altoona, IA

Ceilings Metal Ceilings - Prairie Meadows Racetrack Casino Hotel

Located in America’s heartland, the CISCA Construction Excellence Award-Winning Prairie Meadows Racetrack Casino Hotel is the first ever combination horse racing - slot machine casino. The renovation plans provided for the creation of an expanded identity, offering card and dice gaming entertainment for the enjoyment of its patrons. Gordon, Inc. helped to define that new identity.

Gordon, Inc. provided custom floating cloud ceiling systems that were created from three unique metal extrusions and a vertical metal strip. The architect, Shive Hattery Architecture + Engineering, coined the analogy of a "Swoosh" to describe the feature ceilings. As described by the architect, the primary purpose of the Swooshes was to provide contrast and definition of space within the expansive casino.

These architectural designed ceiling elements functioned to organize the casino floor and assisted in "way-finding" to guide the patrons throughout the large space. The ceilings are found throughout the 85,680 square foot casino. The lighting is coved within the perimeter trim of the Swooshes providing an illusion of the sunlight highlighting a cloud in the sky.

The fabricated ceiling system is comprised of three unique extruded aluminum profiles. These ceiling components are custom fabricated and assembled to create a bold 14” height X 8” wide light cove. A custom manufactured visual shield also creates a shroud for the light fixtures that illuminate the ceiling plane. Other perimeter trims were required when ceilings were coordinated with the large columns throughout the casino. In some cases, custom end caps where required where the large perimeter intersected with the columns.

The scope of the ceilings included 620 assemblies, creating 3,720 LF of both straight and stretch-formed extruded aluminum profiles which define the unique and varying shapes of the ceilings.

Ease and efficiency of installation was designed into the engineered ceilings. Careful attention to fabrication details ensured the components were factory welded, assembled, dimensional integrity assured to maintain consistent 90° vertical and horizontal planes, and factory powder coated with a lustrous white finish.

A considerable challenge for this installation was present due to the sheer size and weight of the perimeter components. Factory assembly for verification of fit and function and the provision of CAD templates assisted the installing Contractor to accomplish a quality and timely installation.

The product performance, unique design, and manufacturing accuracy, and installation complexity marks Prairie Meadows Racetrack Casino Hotel extraordinary.

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