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Finish the edges of your custom "cloud" or "floating" ceiling design with AVIAR Perimeter Trims. We offer:

  • Numerous profile options
  • Factory-welded corners for perfect finish aesthetics and easy installation
  • Factory curving and arching
  • Post fabrication powdercoating to match other system components
Aviar Perimeter Detail

Designed for use with AVIAR Corrugated Panels, these trim systems can be custom fabricated, including radii, based upon the specifiers design. The finish matches the AVIAR Panels. All "floating" or "cloud" systems are manufactured from extruded aluminum parts. They are factory fabricated for your AVIAR project to ensure reliable field installation.

AVIAR Perimeter Trims
AVIAR Perimeter Trims
Perimeter Section Custom Fabrication
Aviar Perimeter Section Aviar Perimeter Custom Fabrication